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Handmade Custom Watercolor Family Portrait with Pets

Handmade Custom Watercolor Family Portrait with Pets

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Choose the frame color from the available options (wooden, black, or white) after placing your order!

To avoid any other misunderstandings, please read the instructions below.

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  • Step 1: Choose a Photo

    Select your favorite photo(s)
    (well-lit and featuring multiple angles are welcome!)

  • Step 2: Customize Your Order

    Pick the character count, size, frame, and background preferences. Email us your photo(s) and any specific details for your portrait. Request a sketch if necessary.

  • Step 3: Receive Your Unique Portrait

    We'll create your portrait within 3-4 business days. After your approval, we'll promptly send it to your address with free worldwide shipping. Delivery times vary by destination.

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Exquisite Handmade Watercolor Portraits

At DRAWandCARE, our professional artists craft watercolor portraits using high-quality paints on premium watercolor paper.

We approach our work with meticulous attention to detail, custom-tailoring each piece to your specific preferences. This ensures that every order faithfully replicates the original photo, capturing the unique characteristics of the subjects and beautifully immortalizing your most cherished connections.

Complete with Elegant Wooden Frame

Enhance your artwork with an elegant wooden frame, available in one of the following color options: natural wood, classic black, or pure white.

Each set also includes a mat made of thick paper material and a plexiglass cover. These additions not only provide an extra layer of protection for the artwork but also add to its overall elegance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Order?

First and foremost, please be aware that for front-facing orders, the minimum preferred size starts at 8×10 or larger! Additionally, we accept orders for handmade illustrations where the portrait subjects are depicted in full-length and full-face only from the 11×14/12×12-inch format and larger. This is due to the challenge of accurately capturing the likeness of a full-length person’s face within a smaller format. On the contrary, any type of portrait, profile, back view, and half- or full-body images where faces are not visible can be created in various sizes.

*For portraits featuring 4 or more people, we recommend contacting us via email at for guidance before placing your order!


1. Choose the desired number of characters (people and pets) to be depicted in your portrait!
2. Please let us know if you would prefer a digital or physical portrait, and select your desired size. Also, specify which design you prefer: a framed illustration or an unframed portrait?
3. Please send us high-quality photos via email at Ensure that the face (or the entire body) is clearly visible from various angles. If you wish to include a group of people or animals, kindly provide separate photos of the face and full body for each individual.
Keep in mind that the quality of the photo directly affects the accuracy of the drawing. Providing high-quality photos will result in a more precise and detailed portrait.

4. If you choose a framed illustration, kindly select a frame color from the available options (natural wood, white, or black?)
5. Please indicate whether you prefer a half-body (portrait) or full-body (figure) illustration.
Additionally, provide a description of how you would like the people/animals arranged in the drawing, including their positions, interactions, and any other specific details.
6. What hairstyles, clothing, shoes, accessories, or any other unique elements would you like us to incorporate into the picture? Please provide a photo or description of your preferences.
If you would like to include any accessories or additional items for your pet(s), please send us a photo of the item you would like us to include as well.
7. Would you like to include a signature in the illustration, such as names or dates?
Please note that all details are confirmed prior to starting the drawing process, and it's not possible to add any text once the drawing is in progress.

If you’d like to receive your portrait physically, please provide us with your delivery address, along with a valid phone number and your email address.

9. Need your portrait urgently? Let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Additionally, we offer the option to include a special personalized background in your artwork for an extra fee. The cost of the custom background will be determined by its complexity and level of detail. If you’re interested in adding a unique background to your piece, please inform us, and we will provide you with further information regarding pricing.

Why Choose Our Shop?

1. A unique and custom watercolor portrait from a photo is guaranteed, created especially for you, your loved ones, your family, or friends!
2. This art store was created in the context of a charity project.
3. Our main goals are to help Ukrainian animals and give you the maximum pleasure with our product!
4. You will receive a one-of-a-kind, high-quality handmade watercolor artwork or digital file in perfect resolution and quality that can be printed on anything of any size, such as stickers, posters, canvases, mugs, cups, or anything else you can imagine!
5. You’ll experience a sense of giddiness just by gazing at your incredible, custom-made piece of art! Allow us to capture the most cherished moments of your joy with a heartwarming personalized wedding, anniversary, or even birthday watercolor gift!

By purchasing our product, you can help save the lives of animals in Ukraine.
A portion of the proceeds from sales goes to charity, supporting shelters and fulfilling their genuine needs. This includes critical initiatives like building dog enclosures, which is especially vital with the surge in evacuated animals. We manage every aspect, from construction to transportation, relying on the support of compassionate individuals who share our mission.

For ongoing updates, visit our website reports page or follow our Instagram for the latest content: For more art examples, explore our Pinterest at


At DRAWandCARE, we offer two options for ordering illustrations: a HANDMADE ARTWORK that will be delivered to you physically, and a printable DIGITAL FILE.

It’s important to understand the difference: Handmade portraits, available in various sizes during the ordering process, are crafted using watercolor paints on high-quality watercolor paper. They will be dispatched to the address you specified after your approval of the photo proof. In contrast, digital artwork will be delivered in a downloadable file format, providing you with the flexibility to print it in your desired size at your convenience.

After we finish your handmade illustration, we'll send you a photo for review before shipping it to you.
Once we complete your digital artwork, we'll provide you with access to it on Google Drive for easy downloading. The default file resolution is 300 dpi, but if you need a higher resolution, please let us know IN ADVANCE.

Feedback ∙ Policy

We’re dedicated to producing exceptional handmade and digital artwork, with a focus on crafting one-of-a-kind watercolor family portraits that will hold a special place in your heart. Whether it’s a portrait of yourself, your loved ones, or your beloved pets, our aim is to provide you with a truly unique and personalized piece that you will cherish. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we kindly ask that if you are pleased with your portrait, please consider leaving us a 5-star rating. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us enhance our services and expand our product offerings.

At the initial stage, we do not provide a draft or sketch, except in very individual cases that require additional approval of the location of characters/things. However, once our artist completes your portrait, we will provide you with a digital file or high-quality photo via Google Drive and email. If you find any aspect unsatisfactory, you are welcome to request changes.

Please NOTE! that since all our artworks are handmade drawings, it's important to keep in mind that due to the physical properties of watercolor materials, only minor changes are possible.

Please note that after work has begun, we are unable to provide refunds. We devote our time, effort, and attention to create a lasting piece of art for you. We appreciate your understanding.

If you have any issues with your order, please contact us before leaving feedback on our shop page. We are committed to resolving any issues as quickly as possible.

Additionally, by purchasing from our shop, you are contributing to a charitable cause. We donate a portion of our proceeds to rescue Ukrainian animals affected by the war. Join us in helping our furry friends by getting a beautiful watercolor work of art!


If you have remaining questions about ordering, payment, the portrait creation, shipping process, or any custom inquiries, please feel free to email us at


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I loved the detail and how it captured my dad and his parents. I am sure he will love it and treasure it forever.


The order itself took awhile to arrive, but the communication throughout was wonderful. The product turned out lovely


Amazing team helping our furry friends 💜💜💜💜💚💚💚💚


Amazing what Draw and Care are doing to help pets who are displaced by the war in Ukraine. Thank you all!


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